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LocalAttorney is on the cutting edge of legal lead and case generation.

We have a qualified lead and call intake process and do all the leg work to turn leads into Retainers and Cases. We have our own sites and buy leads and calls from only trusted, vetted partners.

If you’re looking for Leads and Inbound Calls for your own intake, we do that too.

No Start Up Costs
No Long-Term Contracts
Pick the Cases You Want in Your Geographic Area
Only Pay for the Clients You Want

Strategy. Leads. Retainers.

What We Do

At Local Attorney, we use our extensive internet marketing expertise to identify those seeking legal help online. Once identified, our system allows us to screen, capture, and then qualify and sign those leads.

How We Do It

There are three primary ways to help your law firm get new clients:

The first option is for Local Attorney to pre-qualify and sign the clients and sell those retainers directly to your firm.

The second option is to deliver the engaged traffic directly to your form where you then qualify the leads or for us to sell you leads collected on our forms or our affiliated partner’s legal forms.

Lastly we can do live transfers when we have consumers on the phone from our call center or send inbound calls from our social media buys.

Who Are We?

We are a full-service performance marketing agency led by our CEO, Thomas Bruck, Esq., a graduate of Stanford Law licensed with the California Bar. We take pride in collaborating with our legal clients to achieve their target retainer goals.

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